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“You sound like friends around the fire-pit or hanging out on the lanai with a nice bottle of wine.” 

Listener Scott


Why do you call it SASSover50?

"SASSover50" is an acronym for Sexy And Single Sisters over 50; it just works!

When did SASSover50 start?

The podcast was launched in 2020; then came COVID.  The first year ("Season") managed to carry on.  As the feedback came in and the audience grew, it was time to reassess the podcast.  After almost a year break, Season 2 began! The podcast is hosted by 3 sisters from different misters and is continuously changing in content and format due to its rapid growth! The hosts, Elle, Kate, and Dani, thank every single listener for the show's success!
Why was SASSover50 started?                                                   . 
In her 50s and suddenly single, the creator of the podcast, Elle, was unable to find interesting shows to listen to during long driving commutes.  As she sought a "dating over 50" specific genre, she was unable to find shows that were helpful, encouraging, and entertaining enough to make her want more.  Elle knew there were other women (and men) in the same situation, so she took matters into her own hands and learned how to start a podcast herself! A month later, SASSover50 was born!

What do you SASSy Ladies Talk About?

The @SASSover50 Podcast hosts (and occasional guests) share dating experiences, dating advice, dating tips, dating apps, red flags, sex, and more, to give their listeners insight and remind them that they are not alone!  SASSover50's mission is to give hope, confidence, and sometimes a reality check for listeners who want to know more about navigating through today’s world of middle-age dating, and being single in their second chapter of life. 

Using, candor, perspective, and often humor, SASSover50 hosts (and their guests) share real issues and insight they've gleaned as single women to hopefully impart wisdom and confidence to others.   By the way, SASSover50 doesn't hold back!  Sometimes the episodes get a little racy (uh...X-rated), but those shows are typically identified in the episode Title or Show Notes. 

Bottom line, it's a great time to be SASSy y'all!

Intro/Outro music is "Home", by Artist, LODATO.

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